ek Roti Roz

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“If you cannot feed a hundred animals... then just feed one”

- Modified from a quote of Mother Teressa

Become a member and we will cook One Roti (Chapati) Daily on your families behalf and feed them.

"Ek Roti Roz" is a program to feed the hungry street animals who eat garbage to survive.

(Important Note : We are doing SEVA (selfless service), and are in the process of making this activity in a self-sustaining non-profit organization. So all contributions currently made are in the name of our Founders saving account.)

Membership Details for stray cows, bulls & dogs:

Monthly Membership per person : Rs. 89/-
(1 Roti fed daily for a 30 days)

Annual Membershp per person : Rs.1,073/- 
(1 Roti fed daily for a year)

Membership Details for stray dogs:

Monthly Membership : Rs. 150
(1 packet of biscuit fed daily for  30 days)
Annual Membership : Rs.1,825
(1 packet of biscuit fed daily for 1 year)

Monthly Membership : Rs. 600
(1 packet of bread/milk fed daily for  30 days)
Annual Membership : Rs.7,300
(1 packet of bread/milk fed daily for 1 year)


Membership charges can be deposited to our savings account mentioned below. These charges are for making & feeding 1 Roti daily in name of 1 person.

With warm regards and thanks

Online Payment :

For online transfer of membership fees please use the account details given below.

Bank Details :

Name of Account

Nikhil Shingi

Account No


Name of Bank

State Bank of India (SBI)




IIM Campus, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad






How to send Cheques / Demand Draft :

You can send an account payee demand draft or a cheque payable at Ahmedabad, in the name of "Nikhil Shingi" to any of the following address

Ahmedabad Postal Address :
Nikhil Shingi
C/o Ek Roti Roz
B-210, Fairdeal House,
Opp Xaviers Ladies Hostel,
Swastik Char Rasta,
Ahmedabad - 380 009

Raipur Postal Address :
Nikhil Shingi
Ek Roti Roz
First Floor, HIG-C-65
Near Navkar Hospital
Raipur - 492001
Phone : 0771-4050505

Once the money is transferred, kindly send us an email at manage@ekrotiroz.org OR NikhilShingi@gmail.com giving the following details.

1) Name of the person OR person(s) in whose name you wish the Roti be prepared and fed.
Note : Rs 1,073/- is the charge of making one Roti Daily for one person for one year. If you wish to offer in name of 2 people in your family the cost would be Rs.2146/- per year.)

2) Total Amount Transferred.

3) Complete Contact/Postal Address with Phone Number.

Thanking you with regards